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Frequently asked questions

What is is a platform that offers a wide range of resources and services for entrepreneurs and startups. It includes business ideas or startup concepts, digital products, equity sharing opportunities, and more.

How can I buy a business idea on

To purchase a business idea, browse our listings, choose the one that suits you, and follow the steps to make the purchase securely on our platform.

What kinds of digital products are available on

We offer a variety of digital products, including software, templates, tools, and resources to help startups streamline their operations and growth.

How does equity sharing work on

Equity sharing allows you to collaborate with other entrepreneurs by sharing ownership in a startup idea. The terms vary, and you can explore equity sharing opportunities on our platform.

Can I sell my own digital products or business ideas on

Yes, you can. We provide a platform for vendors to list their own digital products, business ideas, and domain names for sale.

Are the listed domain names unique?

Yes, the domain names listed on are unique and available for purchase. They can help you establish a distinct online identity.

How can I request funding for my startup on

If you're looking for funding, you can explore funding opportunities by browsing the "Request for Funding" section and connecting with potential investors.

Is available for international users?

Yes, is accessible to users around the world. We cater to a global audience of entrepreneurs and startups.

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